Franchise Consulting

The 30 Day Promise:
3 excellent choices within the next 30 days.

We’ve gotten our discovery, analysis and selection process down to such an exact science that we can say as long as you are committed to working closely with Truitt Franchise Advisors for the next 30 days, we guarantee that we’ll provide you with 3 franchises within that period that are exceptionally matched to your lifestyle and goals. Starting a small business can be overwhelming when there are so many different new business ideas to consider. Most people don’t know how to buy a franchise and take advantage of the most desirable opportunities. Our unique process allows us to present you with the small franchise opportunities that are right for you and then help you take the steps towards financing and starting your new business.

A Focus on Service Franchises

What we’ve found is that for most people the easiest segue from corporate America into business ownership is a service-based franchise. With over ten years of expertise running four different service franchises, we understand the concept of franchise ownership inside and out and will make sure to give you some great franchise options you may not have thought of on your own or even known about otherwise.

Pre-Screened Choices

There are over 2,500 franchise companies in the marketplace. Sorting through this huge collection of opportunities can be time consuming and confusing. You could spend months looking at franchises and you’d still find that most, if not all, just don’t match with what you really want in a business.

We’ve done the homework for you. We have carefully pre-screened hundreds of franchise companies. Some are very large and some are newer, hot concepts. They include companies from all types of franchises including mall retail, shopping center retail, home based, fast food, other food, automotive, personal service, gift and business to business sales.

At Truitt, we only refer candidates to franchises that meet the exacting standards we have set. We examine the record of the franchisor relating to return on investment, litigation, failures and many other factors. We stress working with the best.

Free Franchise Service

You pay nothing for the services we offer. We are paid fees by franchisors who respect the processes we follow and who recognize the quality and fit of candidates we refer to them after our consultations are complete. You pay exactly the same fees with any franchise company whether you work with us or not. We are able to provide a win-win scenario for both parties!

Ongoing Support

We are here to be a sounding board for you through the entire process. You will also get:

  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Priority status with franchisors (you go to the head of the line)
  • Research Tools and Checklists for Due Diligence
  • Access to comparable opportunities you may not have known about
  • Territory Checks
  • Financial Disclosure Document Worksheet
  • Questions to ask existing Franchisees
  • Resource list for franchise lenders
  • Discovery Day checklist

Our goal is to supply those interested in starting a small business with the new business ideas that will work for them. The more you are aware of the small franchise opportunities that are available and the more you know about how to buy a franchise, the more successful your business is likely to be.