Business Brokerage

There are no shortage of buyers for good businesses. What there is a shortage of are good businesses with clean books. If you want to sell your business in the easiest manner possible, for top dollar, then a little up front work is going to be needed.

Ironically it is much easier to do this up-front work than to go through the sales process with multiple candidates only to have them NOT buy because you were not able to present your business properly.

The best way to learn how to present your business properly is to understand what worked for other businesses and to then apply best practices to getting your business ready to sell.

The Easy Way To Sell

The easiest and most profitable sale is made with the right preparation. Yes, selling a business can be complex, but selling your business can be a breeze with the right proven steps. We will guide you and give you the steps to get your business sold fast! You have invested both time and money into your business, and it is too valuable to lose money selling it.

The Right Time to Sell Your Business

Knowing when to sell can often be the most difficult part of the process. You may be hoping to sell for many different reasons, but this transaction will substantially change your life. Of course your business had provided you with income and an enjoyable lifestyle, but the time to sell is when you are ready to move on to the next challenge or retire. The time to exit is when you no longer have the desire to run the operation. Often times, owners stay too long and in return the business loses its value. We can help you determine if it is the right time to sell your business and how to effectively go about this process.

Creating a Market for Your Business

When selling your business, you of course want the true value from an effective market. By identifying the right type of buyer for your business and notifying as many of them as possible, an effective market is created for your business. There are many different ways to achieve this: print ads, online ads, social media, and web advertisements. By combining all of these efforts will guarantee an efficient market for your business and get your business sold faster for the highest price.

Selling Without Anyone Knowing It’s For Sale

Most of all, your business must be presented in a way to create an efficient market so you get maximum market value. However all of this must be achieved while not letting customers, employees and others know your business is for sale. It could mean losing key employees, customers, vendors, and business value. To protect the buyer’s interest and facilitate the business selling process, Brokers and Intermediaries are commonly used. However these brokers often collect a fee of 10-12% of the sales price for their assistance selling your business. But if you know the right steps, it It is possible to sell a business without a business broker or intermediary.

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