Meet Nat Truitt

Running four businesses is enough for a few lifetimes.
Nat Truitt has done it in 10 years.

For over a decade, I’ve bought and sold franchises in service-based industries. From senior care to medical alarms to pet care, I have provided the best franchise opportunities to those who weren’t sure exactly what type of small business was right for them.

After selling my most recent franchise successfully and in the course of running a company that markets non-profit businesses online, I realized that I was at a unique point in my life.
Nat Truitt
Yes, I could buy another franchise, run it for several years and eventually sell it like I have in the past. But this time, something was different. I knew I needed to do the one thing that would provide me even greater satisfaction and help people in a bigger way than I ever had before.

I would now use my experience to advise people in transition, who would be interested in following a similar path in franchising as I have. As a franchise consultant, I could bring the top franchise opportunities to others to help them enjoy the same type of success in their own ventures.

As a result, Truitt Franchise Advisors was formed and I’ve never looked back.

To me, The American Dream comes from becoming an independent business owner. Being a franchise owner has provided just that to myself and my family many times over.

I see this in the eyes of every client, who surprises themselves not winding down but upgrading to a new level of responsibility, challenges and excitement.

’It’s not a road that’s automatically simple and it can take time. But I’ve found that if you have the passion and the right people advising you toward your goals, ownership in a franchise that matches your lifestyle goals can be the most thrilling move of your career. As your franchising consultant, I can help you find the best franchise opportunities so that you can find the success that you have always dreamed of.

Let’s get started.

Nat Truitt
Truitt Franchise Advisors